INTRODUCING: A FREE Deep-Dive Video Guide From a world-Renowned Yoga Instructor
A free Deep-Dive Into Essential Yoga Poses

I'm Linda Condron. I've practiced yoga for 15 years (and been an instructor for over 10) & I am delighted to share this Deep-Dive Video Tutorial Series with you. 

Inside you will find 5 Deep-Dive videos. Each one focuses on a different Yoga pose to ensure you have the basics down-pat. 
  • Improve Your Positioning: Ensure you are set up for success by learning these essential yoga poses. 
  • Gain Confidence: With this training you will know you are on the right track to Yoga success. 
  • Learn Modifications: If there are optional modifications for the pose, I will teach them to you!
The Yoga poses covered are: Tree, Plank, Warrior 2, Tadasana and Downward Dog. 
I'll also share with you the first session of my highly rated online yoga course. 
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Thank you, Linda! That was really a great tutorial! The deep-dive series is a wonderful program and I am improving my form with every single session. "

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